The Secret Ingredient (Part 4) Amino Acids


Life Imagined contains Three Essential amino acids and one nutrient that is biosynthesized from amino acids.

Qtr-page-6-3-15cHuman body uses the 22 standard amino acids to synthesize proteins and other molecules. The Body also uses these for the development of energy at the cellular level. 

Essential amino acids are biological molecules aka biomolecules that are not synthesized within the body it’s self. Therefore they require intake thru dietary means.  Humans cannot synthesize nine amino acids and eight more require additional supplementation at different times in their life.   

Glutathione in the human body is important antioxidant.  It is synthesized naturally in the body; although poorly as we age.  It is vital in the regulation nitric oxide (cardiovascular signalling). It helps to detoxify the liver from byproducts of metabolism and medication over use. Glutathione is intimately related to iron metabolism and cellular respiration. Every system in the body is truly affected by the condition of glutathione, especially the immune, nervous, GI, and respiratory system.